Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Post #3: my favourite quote

Well its pretty hard to choose one out of the gazillion quotes i've came across for the past 18 years. But there are a few that i find interesting and pretty inspiring. 

1. Que sera, sera.
Of what i know, this is a pretty famous Spanish phrase that means "whatever happens, happens". Or in an easier term; 'well you know.. shit happens. So chin up and move on.' Or at least that's how i interpret it. As much as i love this quote and try to inspire myself to move on, i would find myself reminiscing and being a pathetic loser. Reflecting myself as someone that is hard to move on, this quote is like a huge smack in the face saying "wake up you loser, shit happens. Aint nothing you cant do bout it. MOVE ON".

2. Carpe diem.
This on the other hand is a Latin aphorism which generally means "seize the day". The first time i came across this expression was back in form two. I was watching a movie called the Dead Poets Society with my dad and Robin Williams jumped on his desk screaming 'carpe diem' to inspire his students to make the best out of their youth. And so i started to take risks to make the best out of my life.

3. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
I admit that this is a pretty catchy phrase. But trying to stay positive at all things is pretty hard i must say. Its really hard to stay positive when life just kicked you in the ass and you got sucked into a black hole of deep shit. But yeah, referring to the first quote, shit happens. 

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