Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Post #2: 20 facts about me

1. I'm very easily distracted. Focusing on one specific task is very hard for me. I like to pretend that i'm a multi-tasker but trust me i ain't one.

2. I'm easily attached. Note that this means that i'm easily attached to someone i'm comfortable with. Not to everyone i come across with.

3. It's very hard for me to move on. Moving on from people, moving on from places and moving on from things that is close to my heart is very hard. But once i take the first step there is no way i'm coming back.

4. It's very hard for me to start something new. Despite being a food lover, i have an odd fear of trying new food. Fun fact; I very much dislike sushi. The first time i ate sushi was back in form five when Salleh Sensei sold his home made ones. And it sucks.

5. I'm very emotional and sensitive to things that are close to my heart.

6. I'm a cry baby. Hence, refer number 2 and 5.

7. I don't have alot of friends. I prefer to have few good ones rather than to have a gazillion of fake ones.

8. I prefer to work alone. I like to call myself a lone ranger, because i really dislike group works. I REALLY DISLIKE GROUP WORKS.

9. I like to talk. Giving talks, teaching, or even giving pep talks. Yezz i like to do that.

10. I'm still finding myself. I wouldn't say that i'm lost.. but i think i am.

11. I like to try new things. But it's very rare to see me start doing something new. Hence, refer number 3.

12. I used to be very hot tempered. I've gotten into a quite number of fights back in lower form. Note that I was nominated as the most fierce prefect back in form three.

13. I used to be very active in sports. I played hockey, handball, martial arts, swimming and even track events. I seriously don't know what happened..

14. As much as i refuse to admit it, I have a bad habit of caring what people say and what people would think of me. Insecurities, i would say.

15. I don't have a fav artist or a fav band. I really don't know how to fangirl.

16. I like to be in control. I like the idea of having responsibilities. But realizing my weaknesses, i still need to get a hold of myself first before taking huge responsibilities.

17. I'm indecisive. Hey it's really hard to choose okay!

18. I give names to my stuffed animals.
       Eg; Ironman - Im
             Donkey - Donney
             Teddy - Beruk
             Mini Hulk - Hulky
             Kalor - Kalor (i dont know how to improvise)

19. I'm the definition of a fashion disaster. I'm still trying to get a hold of the whole girly thing.

20. I don't like to call myself a perfectionist, but i would like to see everything in place and in order. (Despite being a lazy bum at home, my room in the hostel must be perfect)

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