Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Post #1: Introduction and recent photo

Well according to the topic, i will be introducing myself and attach a recent photo of myself. The name's Aina. I have a longer name just so you know. But i'm starting to like this 'commercial name', Aina Shobri. Well it started when i was in fifth grade back in the states. To make it short, i dropped the Nadhirah out of my name and Ahmad out of my dad's. And the name sticks till now, apparently.

I was born around mid-May in 1996, and yes i've just reached my legal age this year. I don't feel 'legal' as how people wished me on my birthday a few months ago though. I feel.. me. I live up north in a country where the government puts that education is seditious. Well don't get me wrong; i love my country, but i don't feel the same to the ones administering my country. 

I have a mum, a dad, two elder sisters and a younger brother. I don't have a pet, and i don't have a maid at home. My family supports the idea of earning something you want. Therefore you have to work hard for it. I purposely say this because i see the generation growing up today is the generation of spoilt brats. Wimps and cry babies everywhere. ((i'm not going to get there because that's a whole different issue altogether))

So here's a recent photo of me, taken around early August this year. I rarely take selfies, so it was kinda hard for me to find a decent picture of me alone. I'm usually the one behind the scenes and only in certain occasions, i'll ask people to take a picture of me. Which is kinda awkward.

If you get to see me wearing something colourful, i would say that you're a lucky person or maybe there's an event, or maybe i'm just feeling different that day. Most of the time i'd be wearing black or grey or just something plain. I don't see the point of dressing up if you are just going to be in that outfit for three hours. What matters most is that you're wearing something decent, clean and it brings out the best in you. My outfits brings out the best in me, i feel comfortable in them.

Therefore this post concludes that i am not your average teenager, i'm different and i love myself. I believe that nothing should be done without a purpose, and life is the best teacher. Learn from it or burn with it.

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