Friday, May 16, 2014

Educate, Educated, Educating

Nothing is ever perfect in the world, am i correct? But we can try our best to achieve perfectness even if it's with flaw, we'll make them beautiful flaws. Flaws that brings out the best of what we try to achieve. So with that, i would like to express my opinion and thoughts on a few things.

Firstly, our education system is undeniably corrupted and ill. I wouldn't say it's failing, but we can see that it's on it's way.. Most of the students nowadays study to ace their examinations instead of pursuing the knowledge itself. Since pre-school we were taught of how to ace our exams and we were rewarded with candies and junk foods when we get A's. In a way, that's good. Teaching kids to earn things they want. But in a way it isn't.

Now what does that lead us to? It leads to a generation of teenagers that rebels when asked to go to school and blames teachers for failing them in their exams. The way i see it, this has to be fixed. Pronto. Because its not getting any better than it is now, especially when PMR is replaced with that PBSMR thing. I don't want to get into that though..

So anyway, the environment of the school must change. The administrative board and the teachers are doing a great job in educating our students, hands down on that. But the voice of the students must be heard too once in a while. Well for me, the environment of exam-oriented should be continued. Why? Because honestly, that's the only way to make our students study! I'm not denying the fact that Malaysian students have the least interest in education when not put pressure to.

But yeah, when there is pressure, the students complain. When there isn't pressure, the students play too much. So nobody's winning here. So i say, continue the exam-oriented environment. Dear students, suck it up. Haha!

Well other than that, the mentality of the students just have to be fixed. Its not broken, its just out of place. Firstly they need to understand, why on earth must they get good grades in their exams?! Especially SPM.

Now listen up, there are people out there that got good grades but didnt get any scholarship at all, and there are people that got a few A's but got more than one offer to scholarships. And then there's the 'Bill Gates dropout of college and now owns Windows'. Ugh. Please, i beg you to not fall for this crap. Yes, he's a college dropout but look at the college he was from! And when he dropped out, he's already a genius and successful! And about the scholarship thing, just study and stop complaining. It'll get a whole lot better than that. Allah's there, isn't He? Have faith and do your part in studying.

I can never deny that studying in high school got me nowhere but memorizing things i don't even like. But trust me, things will get better in college. You choose what you want to study. You choose where you want to go. Your choice. This is it, your solid foundation towards your dream job. Whether to become a doctor or a lawyer, it starts from your interest.

"With interest and hard work i bet you 100% you'll enjoy your college years" 
-A recent graduate of UiTM

So suck it up. No pain no gain. Some of you people say that you want to become a billionare but you barely want to study. Some of you say that one day you want to own all the Audi cars in the world, but you complain about classes are such a waste of time. Yo bro, just a heads up to you, the world aint a good place for people like you.

"Successful people don't complain, they deliver." 
-Harvey Specter 

Nothing's ever easy in this world, really. Learning is hard. That's the beauty of it. It's about time that we stop complaining and take in whatever comes with an open heart. Embrace it. Feel it. Experience it. Live life to the fullest. May Allah bless!

With this i would like to wish a very Happy Teachers Day to each and every one of my teachers since pre-school up till i graduate high school. You never gave up on me, teachers. No words can ever describe how grateful i am and no gift can ever symbolize my gratitude towards you awesome teachers. I can only pray that Allah grants you a blessed and prosperous life, here and hereafter. Thank you.

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