Monday, December 2, 2013


Have you ever come across a situation where you're so pissed that you don't even know what you're saying? A situation when you found out that a relationship you've been in is a total bullshit (sorry for my words) and is actually planned from the start. Someone who has been pretty close to you ended up making a fool out of you with their friends.. and they enjoy making you as a laughing stock. Wow. Great friend you have there.

I'm not saying this happened to me nor i'm denying it happened to me. I'm just saying, that why must some people be so mean towards others and only think of themselves? You think you're the boss of the place is it? You think you're so tough with your gang and all that is it? You think newbies can just be picked on just because you're there longer than they are?

How close minded you are. Have you ever thought of what they might feel? Have you ever thought of where you've put their dignity as a human being.. to be fooled and laughed at by you and your 'gang'? Have you ever thought of what they've done good to you although they knew all along you were being such assholes towards them? Have you ever thought of how they go to sleep at night feeling ashamed and feeling like choking you to death? Well have you?

Yet you're able to go smiling around, not feeling guilty at all towards them. And you don't even bother to apologize knowing you did wrong. You're still there, feeling like you're king and making fool of others, talking behind their backs and acting like angels in front of them. You're there, acting innocent and having people praising you for being such a badass and tryna prove to everyone you can do whatever you want.

Seriously, man? Oh, the person you victimized may or may not forgive you though.. hm. Have a thought about that, will ya? You may think it's nothing. But try being in their shoes for a change. What they'd feel and what they would say to you if they have the chance to. Well maybe they did have the chance to, but instead they decided to hold it back because they thought maybe you'd change and apologize. Yeah, in a million years maybe.

You wanna know what? This is called bullying. You are bullying them mentally. Congratulations, you are now a bully :> Happy now, badass?

I'm just saying.

--don't do this to people, alright? It hurts people's feelings and it may affect your success in the future. Well maybe not yours, maybe your children or your spouse or your parents or your siblings or whatever. Allah is fair and remember, what you give, you WILL get back.

As they malay goes; hutang budi dibalas budi, hutang nyawa dibalas nyawa. Hahahhaha suka hati aku je. Well, the Islamic POV is your habluminannas. How's your relationship with other human beings going? Mhm.

It's the 5th day after SPM and i still haven't unpack my stuff. Ehe lazy week still going on!


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