Tuesday, July 9, 2013


It has been so long since i've last written here. Well, i kinda miss writing. I miss it alot. But i really don't have the time to. Sad, isn't it? Okay no. There's like 120 days left and i'm here, at home, melagha and wasting my time trying to find the so called 'mood' of studying. I realized that there's no such thing as the right mood of studying because your mind would always find an excuse to not study. By the time you say that you have the mood and you open your book, you'll instantly get sleepy and close the book. Been there, done that, regret that so many times before.

What you actually have to do is suck it up and start studying whether you like it or not. I actually tested it and did that last night till about 4.30am then i got tired and slept with the book open. Continued for like 15 minutes and close the book. Then i slept the whole day. Not good, Aina. Not good -.-"

Okay so, will be back in Enstek in a few days which i don't know exactly when. But i'll be back soon. I'm not that lunatic to skip school for more than a week (which i actually planned to). Well tomorrow is the 1st of Ramadhan. And i don't really get to feel the mood. But anyway, happy fasting and have an awesome Ramadhan to all.

May Allah grant us a Ramadhan full of barakah and may He prevail. 

Abang dan adik pfft -.-'

120 days.

*i'm getting fat. Shiz.

Aina Shobri.

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