Saturday, May 25, 2013

of April and May


It has been a while hasn't it? Life has been the way it is. A form five's life is hectic as ever. Thought that it would be pretty much the same, oh boy i was wrong. Cramping up tonnes of events in a week wasn't easy. Risks and sacrifices were taken and done equally. Missed classes, extreme stay-ups, sleepless nights and zombie days has been immuned to my body. 

Oh well, i don't know where to start. What to write. Seems like i just can't recall what happened for the past few months. Oh well let's see. There's the immersion from Sekolah Seni Johor and Sekolah Seri Puteri for a few days and Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan for a week. And there's the launching of Criminalise War Club, we're officially the first school in Malaysia to have such club for our co-curricular activity. 

Okay so that's us with the SSP students, and me with the Labuan students. We had a blast i tell you. Aha, they were fun. I really mean fun. They were sporting, open people and.. fun ah! Haha. They stayed for about 4 days if i'm not mistaken. I don't have the picture of us with the Sekolah Seni Johor students (and i feel bad about that).

Oh did I mention Tun M came to our school for the launching of the club? Hehe. We were lucky, that's for sure. It ain't easy for an ex-prime minister to come to your school okay! He's adorable too! Too bad i was too late to get his signature. Well i was worried about something else anyway at the moment. 

Okay moving on. Can't really recall what happened between the immersion and our mid-year exams. So i'll just move on to my Silat tournament. This is pretty interesting so you might wanna read the whole thing :D It was on an examination week. But thank god it was during the first few papers. The tournament was held at SMK Bandar Baru Serting, somewhere in Jempol which is like 3 hours from Enstek.

So our teacher adviser, Ustazah Azuraida made the decision for us to stay at Bukit Merbah for two nights. We had no choice but to agree. On the 7th May, we departed from Enstek at around 5.30pm due to a few problems none of us expected. With high spirit, we decided to carry on. Well, there's nothing we could do anyway. 

Arriving at around 6.40pm, we were greeted by one of our silat instructor, Amir. Okay fine, Cikgu Amir. Yekk. Well anyway, we had our short training at the green house lounge. Then we settled down, had our dinner and performed our prayers. Continued our practice at the lounge till 9.45pm or something like that and continued our practice in the Siber Didik. 

Well according to the schedule we received, my event was on the second day which is on Thursday. So i did not do my preparations at all that night. I focused on Kiyna and Mira seeming that their event was on the next day (kononnya lah kan).

The next morning, we departed without the red baju seni i was supposed to wear. I had the feeling that the schedule wasn't going to change. Heh, boy i was wrong. When i found out that my event was right after the opening ceremony, i felt my heart dropped. I was too shocked that i was trembling. Kiyna and Mira were relieved, that's for sure. Gave all the cikgu i could thought of a call. Cikgu Amir, Cikgu Syahid and Cikgu Shidi. But Cikgu Shidi was the only one that picked up my call.

So none of them came that day. Did my last minute preparations, and finally performed. I felt like a freaking chicken. No kidding. But i was glad it's finally over. At least i could focus on my studies then. That night, our dinner arrived later than we expected. So we had our dinner at 8pm :( unexpectedly, Cikgu Shidi came that night. Just to see Kiyna and Mira practice. Lucky them.

The next morning, i woke up with Kiyna trying to find her handphone. I gave called her number, the ringing came from my bed. After a while, we found out that everyone in the room lost something except for Mira and I. After all the chaos and stuff, we made the decision to go to Serting and perform, right after the event, we came back right away to lodge a police report. That was the only thing we could do.

But loosing the things had a hikmah of its own. Alhamdulillah Kiyna and Mira got second and I got first in my event. And i'm going to represent Negeri Sembilan to the nationals next week. So my two weeks holiday isn't so holiday after all. Only 5 days at home :( I'm heading back there on Wednesday for my latihan pusat till 1st of June.

All iz well.

SPM: 164 days

Aina Shobri
Moo Moo

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