Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A little bit longer


Life has been a little bit unease and upside down for a few weeks now. I've been badly homesick when i was in school and now i just don't want to leave. I literally mean i don't want to leave. Atleast not yet. Well let's see, right after this OB is just hectic. Absolute hectic. The night prep starts at class right after this OB. The endless classes. The endless tests. The ED. The UPP1 :O and finally, the SPM results.

This is just.. too fast. Everything's happening before my eyes and i'm still here, relaxing, eating, fooling around. No, i'm not just talking about SPM. That's one thing to worry about. But i'm talking about the future. Weh, i'm growing up. It feels just like yesterday I was in Tadika Seri Intel, showing off my reading skills to the whole class. Aha! Now look where I am. Just a few months till i'm officially 17. This is.. wow.

I'm really struggling to get myself together. I have no idea why but i frequently get my homesick-ness whenever i'm stressed out. I'm serious. But here's a new habit i just discovered about myself. I'll wash my clothes or go for a jog everytime i'm stressed out. Last week i washed half of the clothes in my locker including the clean ones because i was feeling a little bit suicidal. No kidding.

--Allahu Rabbi.

I need a break. That's particularly why i haven't really finish my homework and revise what i'm supposed to. Oh well, there's always staying up as an option. But really, my OB this time is really spent relaxing and socializing (network). Hadn't really being fair to myself, not having enough rest.. but if i do.. I'd be spending about 2 hours after waking up, just rolling on the bed fighting with myself whether to get up or not. Ehe.

So anyways.. those habits just got to go. UPP1 is coming real near. And i haven't really done my revision. Nice. The hardwork must be started. I don't really want to state an exact date here on my blog because I'm afraid I won't obey it. Not even close to obeying it, really. Oh what to do, i'm a rebel. Ngeh!

That'd be all for now. Until the next time. Cheerio!

"There's nothing like us, there's nothing like you and me, together."

Aina Shobri

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