Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pride of a girl | Girl Talk


Hello, people. How's your iman today? Mine? Not so good. Okay well, i've been meaning to post this yesterday, not under a serious talk post. But after something happened to me earlier today.. i decided to make it as serious as possible.

Okay lets see. Generally, pride is like your dignity. Or it can be defined as a proud feeling. Something like that, at least. Well it can also be defined as a pleasure or even satisfaction of yourself when you accomplish something.

In this matter, i'm not talking about the pride that you feel when you gain something or whatsoever. I'm talking about your pride, as a girl. Or in other words, your dignity as a girl. Where lies your dignity? Can anyone answer that in a split second? I think not. It takes a while to think doesn't it?

Well some people could answer 'aurah' within a second. But is aurah really the ONLY dignity a girl have? Think again. If aurah is the only dignity a girl have, then the only thing i should do is wear tudung, lose outfit and stuffs. I can talk harsh, socialize without limits and be free as a bird. Eh?

A girl's pride lies within so many aspects.

Pride number one: aurah.
I think i've covered this part in my previous post, about aurah. So let's move on to the next one.

Pride number two: manners.
What do you people understand about manners? Manners is also known as etiquette. So what is etiquette? Etiquette is socially correct way of acting, etc etc. So it means, that manners is how you act, socially. If your dignity depends on your manners.. then your manners should be tip top. Pitch perfect i should say. How can you measure someone's manners?

So here's the problem. Generally, today's society just like to judge. But.. you cannot run from the society. You just have to put up with what the society has to say about you. About your manners. Aite, talking about society.. there are pros and cons here. The pros that you can take is that, it's for your own good. They judge you to improve yourself. What if they don't judge you? You may never know what your weaknesses are. The cons is that.. judging isn't what humans are supposed to do. So.. yeah.

Anyways, if you don't want the society to judge you by your manners, improve them. Say sorry when you accidentally hit someone. Say thank you when someone helped you. Say excuse me when someone is blocking your way. Say please when you need something from someone. Well that's the basics. You know in what level your manners are. Improve them.

Pride number three: socializing.
So what on earth do i mean by 'socializing'? Socializing can be divided to two, in real life and in the cyber world. Well you girls do go out with your friends right? You do hang out with your friends.. your primary school friends, your high school friends, your college mates, your office mates.. etc etc.

I don't want to drag this but.. i'm sure most of the girls who are reading this are mumaiyiz enough to think what's right and what's wrong in Islam. Remember, Allah has set a guideline for us to follow. Breaking the guidelines equals to breaking His law and disobeying Him. We don't want to end up rotting in hell do we? Hmmm..

Here's a piece of advice, don't be so cheap. If guys know what your price is.. they can easily get you. If you know what i mean. You know, often going out with guys, hanging out with no boundaries and limits can bring serious danger to yourself. That's why Islam puts a guideline for us to follow.

The cyber world on the other hand.. well, twitter and facebook in today's world is a common thing isn't it. Teens socialize freely without even knowing the real thing about the person on the other side. Well, the way you socialize here plays a huge role before identifying the true status of your pride.

If you tend to swear more than you say good things in the net.. then what do you think boys would think of you? Sure, they'd be fine with it because you're a friend.. in front of you. Behind you? God knows what they say about you to their friends. And swearing is seriously not cool.

Stop it, girls. Swearing makes our pride go lower than the pride of a bench. Girls, women known as soft spoken, lady like whatsoever. But when you swear.. that makes you look really bad. No kidding weh -.-"

And that's the end of it. For now. I think i've typed too much. Oh well, i think i won't be updating for a few days starting tomorrow. I'm heading to Sabak Bernam tomorrow, followed by Shah Alam on Friday until Sunday and Damansara on Monday before heading back home.

Thank you for spending your time here. May Allah prevail us all. Good night!

Aina Shobri