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Precious Aurah | Serious Talk

I know i’m waiting,
Waiting for something,
Something to happen to me.
This waiting comes with trials and challenges,
Nothing in this life is free.
My lord show me right from wrong,
Give me light make me strong,
I know the road is long,
Make me strong.
Sometimes it just gets too much,
I feel like i’ve lost touch,
I know the road is long,
Make me strong.

Make Me Strong – Sami Yusuf


The lyrics above.. really means something, doesn’t it? This is a very inspiring song. To be frank, I listen to this strong everytime I come home from school cause i’m just a lazy ass to download it up. Hehe. But the main point here is, I never get sick of it. Cause it just means too much to me.

For most of the trials I’ve faced along this year, I hum this song and I play this song in my head. It calms me in a way. The lyrics. The sound. The voice. Peaceful. No doubt about it. And this song just reminds me so much of dear Kak Fatimah. She’s really something. Hehe.

So anyways, what i really want to talk about is what is reality of most muslim’s mentality of ze most precious aurah. It’s not just the women’s aurah I’m talking about here. It’s the dudes as well.

Lets start with the dudes, shall we? Well, you see.. as a football fan, I can’t resist to watch Manchester United’s matches and the awesome performance by Chicharito. Ehe. But you see, no matter what, an aurah of a dude is still the same no matter what you believe in. Starting from your belly button till below the knee. I repeat, till BELOW THE KNEE.

But as we see today, football players wear their shorts ABOVE the knee. So when we, the muslimah watch a football match, we will also get free sins due to purposely looking at their fat thighs. I have no problem if they wear tights below their knee. Wear an underwear, i don’t care. As long as you cover your aurah.

I have no idea why i choosed this picture.

It’s sad seeing such successful football players such as Safee Sali, Safiq Rahim, and even Wan Zack Haikal wears shorts without any coverings till below their knees. Oh cmon man, it’s not sexy at all. In fact, it’s disgusting. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t watch rugby no more. Their thighs are as big as my pillow weh -.-“

Muslims and muslimah, specifically here in Malaysia.. take the aurah for granted. I’m sorry but that’s true. Girls watch football matches without any shame and with pride, call dibs on hot players. As we can see in the last match of Malaysia vs Indonesia in the AFF Suzuki Cup; Wan Zack Haikal. Oh cmon, he’s not that hot. Yes, he’s good looking. But he shows his aurah. So hot can burn in hell -.-“

Lets move on. Women. Girls. Muslimah. Oh look, I’m one of them too. About a few months ago, I met an old friend. She doesn’t really cover her aurah completely thou. I do mind. So i asked her, a lil bit something of this:

Me: weh, it’d be fun if our gang all wears head scarf.
Her: i do wear them.
Me: where got -.-“
Her: i wear them to school!

That’s enough for us to see that most girls nowadays just wears their coverings just for the sake of school. Because it’s kinda like one of the school uniform. I don’t want to judge. But i’m sure most of you are doing it right now.

Here’s the real situation. Most of the muslimah out there.. already knows that covering their aurah is compulsary. It’s a must. But why don’t they do it? There’s alot of reasons why. A few of them are because of the following reasons.

1. “It’s hard to change.”
2. “If other people can free-hair, why can’t I?!”
3. “I’m not as pious as you.”
4. “I don’t have the courage to.”
5. “I’m waiting for my hidayah to come.”

And there’s more. But they are just too crappy for me to publish it up here.

That’s one story. Here’s another. About the fashion and trends that is really heating up fast. For example that i know of; the turban style. The first time i saw a girl wearing that, I almost slap her in the face. It was overrated. I was like.. “OMG WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?!” you people are making a fool out of yourselves. 

This dude wears it better yknow. 

Turban style? Like seriously? Don’t you people know that Rasulullah S.A.W has narrated in a hadith that;

“ the end of the world, there will be women wearing clothes as if they are naked and wears humps on their head..”

The ‘humps’ Rasulullah meant was the ‘sanggul’ that girls wear with their tudung. No matter it’s real hair, tied or a fake one; just for fun. I seriously don’t get you people. Can’t you wear normal head scarf? A pashmina is decent enough. You can style it out all you want. Okay, emo. Sorry -.-“

So anyways, the mentality i’m talking about here is the “it’s okay” mentality. When the Quran says that women must cover their aurah except for their face and hands.. they really take that as it is. Or the malay goes.. “ambil bulat-bulat.” Sad, i know.

Muslimah, when the Quran states it that way, it really means cover everything execpt for your face and hands. But! Heee, there’s buts okay. There are conditions in covering your aurah. The clothes you wear must be loose and it doesn’t make your body shape visable. When you wear your head covers like that, it’s obvious that people can see the shape of your neck and their shape of your head.

The shape of the head is another khilaf but that’s another story. Forget about that.*

Wear any kind of tudung you want. Bawal, Syria, Haji, Awning lembut, Hana Tajima style or whatsoever. But as long as it follows the rules and regulations stated by Islam. Rules are meant to guide. Not to be broken, people.


So people, as you can see.. people take their aurah for granted. That’s the reality; most muslims and muslimah here in Malaysia has a third-class mentality of aurah. Let’s change that.

Dudes, start wearing tights below your knees when you play football. OH! And make sure you don’t wear short t-shirts during solat. Because when you rukuk, we can see your underwear and buttcrack -.-“

Girls, start taking your aurah seriously. We girls must cover everything. We are only for our husband. If we are already showing our aurah now, then what special is our husband later? Think about it. Teehee~

Well, i talk too much. I’m thinking of making a vlog soon. But nahh, my dad would kill me. That’s all for today. I’m sorry for the harsh words. I’m trying to make it as interesting as possible.

May Allah prevail.

Aina Shobri

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