Friday, December 28, 2012



Oh look, it's 5.54AM already. So i'm going to make this short and as simple as possible. So... yeah. It's the 28th of December. The time has come. Jenggg~ Ugh. I'm looking forward to meet my friends. But i'm not really looking forward to meet the syllabus. The new and harder syllabus. Ya Allah x.x

So.. the fivers are heading straight to Enstek. No more Bukit Merbah. Wow, that wasn't really expected. Seriously. Cause when i left Bukit Merbah, i was like.. 'oh chill, i'll be back next year though it's just for a month.' but when the news came.. i was stumbled. I was quite shocked. Honestly. If i'm shocked, imagine the feelings of my batchmates that have been there for four years.

Some of them aren't mentally prepared to leave the historical place. Including me, of course. So.. Enstek would be really different and challenging to all of us. Now i see why bonda wanted us to check in to the site in Enstek later in February. She wanted everything to be perfect. Perfect for her 'daughters' to study, sleep and so on. Awh.

Okay, moving on. What i really wanted to say is.. i'm not ready to move on. To move on to the next phase; SPM. Dude, talking bout SPM just gives me the jitters. Some just might say, "woi chillax ah, why are you so gelabah?" k, people. I'm so gelabah cause i've never been so serious bout my studies before. Honestly. PMR? I seriously don't know how i did it. Ask my dad! I went to the movies the day before my maths and kh paper x.x

So.. it's time to take things seriously. I'm getting older so i need to act my age. Seventeen. Wow. Still tryna get a hold of it. Anyways, have a blessed 2013. May Allah prevail us all. Study smart to those who are still schooling. Have fun while you can to the SPM leavers. Aha.

Do pray for my health and studies. Thank you! :)

Aina Shobri

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