Tuesday, December 4, 2012

i believe.


it's 5.12AM in the morning. my sleeping pattern has changed 360 degrees since i came home. this just got to go. i have no idea how, but it must go. or it'll be a pain for me. changing something isn't easy. but it isn't impossible. change. that brings us to my post today.

well, i can't remember how but i stumbled upon a few doodles on facebook and i thought it was just awesome! for example as below:

and there's just so many more. you guys can check it out @ her facebook account or her blog. she's awesome. i can't really define her in my own words. she's a vlogger too. and Subahanallah, she's a law student. knowing that, just melted my heart. and knowing that she's an active pendakwah or something like that, just lights up my hope.

for a few days i was thinking, maybe i should change my ambition. maybe law isn't for me. i want to be an Islam activist and also an active silat member. at the same time, a lawyer. so maybe it isn't proper? just maybe. but stumbling upon kak Aisyah there, made me realise. nothing's impossible.

i know this sound pretty weird but, that's it. nothing much to say thou. may Allah bless you, Kak Aisyah.

Aina Shobri

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