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Between ignorance and habitual | Serious Talk


I'm warning you. This might be a boring post. But insyaAllah, if He wills.. it'll be worth it.

Okay, cutting to the chase.. The tittle says it all. Well, this post has been in my documents for a pretty long time now and the kuliah earlier was just a boost for me to finish it up and post it up here. No hard feelings. Whatever I post up here that has 'Serious Talk' on its tittle, is really serious. Besides, Rasulullah said himself which I translate in Malay,

"Sampaikanlah dariku walau satu ayat!"

Which means, he wants his ummah to always share whats right and whats wrong, that we gain knowledge whether from the Quran, the Hadith, or even the As-Sunnah. In other words, dakwah @ da'wah. You know, da'wah has always been something 'social' people just get allergy to since a long time ago (i don't really know since when).

I don't think i need to define da'wah here. But if it's too high level of a word, i'll just translate it as.. to deliver, to share and to spread the word. The good words, of course. Comprende? Okay, lets get moving.

You see, this kind of mentality (ignorance) is really being one of the major reasons.. why Islam is easy to beat nowadays. I'm not trying to be the party pooper here.. but hey! That's a fact. Suck it up. It isn't always nice here. It's called a dunia for a reason. A dunia full of nafsu and syaitan's promises. A dunia that is temporary. A dunia that is like an R&R before reaching jannah. But if you screw up at the R&R, you'll get lost along the way and you'll rot in hell. True story, bro. 

"Ignorance is your new best friend, ignorance is your new best friend~"
Ignorance - Paramore 

Are you seriously letting ignorance to be your best friend? Seriously? Do you really know what ignorance means? Ignorance is kinda like you being a snob, acting like you know, but you just don't. Ignoring everything. Ignoring advices you should take, and taking up meds you shouldn't. That's called you being fooled by syaitan. Congrats, you are one of the syaitan's buddies now. Be proud, zzzz -.-"

I'm going to give you an example. You do know that as a muslim, you need to pray five times a day. Okay, that's one good thing; knowing. The first solah of the day is Subuh. Wanna know how the syaitan's get to you? They make you stay up late in the morning till about 5am, then make you sleepy. The next thing you know, you wake up at noon, regretting. The more frequent you do that, the lazier you get, the more ignorant you are. Time goes by, you purposely ignore it as if it's something that is not your responsibility and you are now a munafik. Kudos to you bro. 

You get what I mean now? Ignorance isn't something that is your natural behavior. Okay maybe it is, a tiny bit. But it can be swept off. Wanna know how? By practicing it to be a habit of yours. 

Start of by practicing solah, five times a day. Then your aurah. Then start doing good deeds. And the flow will get to you. Being a good muslim isn't that hard (okay that's a lie. It is hard.) But it's not impossible. If it's impossible, then there won't be the 10 sahabat of Rasulullah that is promised Jannah by Allah in the Quran. 

Making Islam a habitual of yours is way better. You see, Allah will love you and insyaAllah jannah will be yours. Simply by sweeping off that ignorance of yours and putting on a fresh suit of Islamic habitual in your life. 

It's sad.. seeing muslims, specifically here in Malaysia chooses to be ignorant rather than to practice Islam. It's not easy to achieve a stable and a harmony Islam country. Lets just look at the days when Islam was on top of the world, literally on top. How did Rasulullah and his fellow sahabat lead the legacy? They started with practicing Islam through heart and soul. 

Aight, maybe I'm crapping a little but you get the point don't you? It's hard to find people who really practice Islam through heart and soul. I admit, I myself is still in the making. I'm not even halfway there yet. But you see, the saying 'practice makes perfect' is there for a reason. One of the reason is for this. Stating that practicing Islam leads you to jannah, the perfect world.. insyaAllah. 

May Allah prevail.

Aina Shobri.

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