Friday, June 8, 2012

standing ovation

assalamualaikum, hi hello.

it's 2.48AM and i'm here. awake. its the 8th of June today. and it's my last night/morning here in Penang for the month. i guess the next time i'm coming home is during raya holidays ae? aieeee lambatnya! redha. well, i haven't pack up anything yet. i told my parents i won't be sleeping tonight but it seems like i'm extremely sleepy right now. great. whoopdy doo~ i didn't pack anything up yet cuz i ain't ready to go back. homework is almost done. but it ain't done. yet. addmaths, you're killing me. seriously man.

my things are everywhere. the kitchen, the living room, my bedroom, on the couch, on the table, here there everywhere lah. and i'm too lazy to pick em all up and put them in one bag. i don't want to go back knowing i have to face the results. ZE RESULTS!! and le F1 that is killing me. still, we only got one sponsor. that's all. tomorrow will be ze day i put on my 'muka-tak-malu' face and call ze people i have no guts to call. ok i'm talking crap.

*sigh. sepanjang cuti ni, i don't know what i did that actually productive to myself. tidur makan tidur makan tidur makan online online online. zzzz ==' balik ni kerja makan. cepat lapar. fat ass betul. tak sedar diri after OB ni standard taking. oh great. i hope someone breaks my leg so i won't have to take part in standard taking weeee:D ok i take that back -.-" well, lets hope for ze best.

i guess that'll be about it. wish me luck? results, F1, standard taking, silat trip, studies. so many things ahead. next up; UPP2. oh Allah please save me :'/

le awesomest and machoest of em all,
Aina Shobri :D

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