Friday, June 1, 2012

good vs evil

"every righteous person has a past, every sinner has a future."
i just love that quote. cuz it's true and don't deny it.
well, i don't have a particular point to talk on today. i'm just exhausted by the homeworks given by our beloved teachers. ngehhh =.= but still, bm is halfway done. the rest? pfft you wish.
i'm not worried bout the rest, i'm dead worried about addmaths cause i didn't bring the textbook home. i thought the textbooks are the same despite the different covers. but i was wrong. i was bloody wrong T_T"
hoping that my classmates would be a darling and help me, i can finish le homework :"> kalau sikit takpalah i can do it quickly during prep malam, but En Razif a.k.a Cikgu Beckham won't give us a chance. lol. dahlah the next day ada addmaths.

oookay i'm crapping. so one week of holiday is almost over. i spent the week sleeping late and waking up at noon, so lets hope i don't burn the second week as well or else i'm dead. yeay :"> well, untunglah to all those yang actually went on a holiday. tak kiralah holiday in the country or around the world, still. me? ehh my holiday is infront of the TV while eating chocolates. balik ni kerja melantak, balik college i'll be a fat-ass. errr nauzubillahiminzalik mohon dijauhkannn.

again, i'm crapping. so hows F1 going on? great, alhamdulillah. the car's finally done and analysed. insyaAllah by next Monday we can get the proposal sent to the respective sponsors and insyaAllah before school starts we can get atleast two out of the 10 sponsors. the attires and booth must be done atleast five days before the challenge or else i'll be kalut hindu and we don't want to see me kalut hindu-ing at the college. that ain't cool. so.. one problem; who's going to print out our shirt? zzzz =="

i'll think of something.

it's 8.27PM and we're going out for dinner and bowling, yeahh. aha, so that'll be about it. tomorrow? movie and bowling with angah and deyan and ayah! wuu kakak please be jealous. you have your Pathology exam kan? hihi goodluck. toodles!

-Aina Shobri ^_~


hrusli61 said...

Salam alaik. That is the actual life as a student. Homework is the normal procedures during holidays or school break. Every one of us does that including cikgu.

It is good you have your own blog to pour all your problem in. It is good you have friends to share your joy. It is good your have a wonderful family to love you always. Best of all it is good to have Islam as our religion.

Aina Shobri said...

salam alaik, cikgu. thanks for all the support throughout my days. alhamdulillah so far, so good. doakan aina eh :)