Tuesday, May 29, 2012


more than you'll ever know
just like the stars in a thousand skies
more than you'll ever know
deeper than a place where the ocean floor lies
you're still number one in my eyes
and to this day i still get butterflies
know that i love you more than you'll ever know

sounds familiar? no? so you're not a classics lover ae. haha i'm not one either, i listen to any type of music except for hardcore and anti-Islam songs. ngeh. so anyways,

this song is so freaking romantic. and no, it is not dedicated to anyone. this is just out of the sudden. it has been awhile since i last listen to their songs. the last was I Will Get There, before going to school and picking up my PMR results last year. pfft. that was a long time. why out of the sudden? it all started with cik Amal Azhari. cuz last night during our convo, she sent me a link of a song. it turned out to be Dear God by Boyz II Men. wahhh memang dah lama gila tak dengar.

lepas tu mula lah buka balik file lagu-lagu by the legends. pfft. bended on my knees, i will get there, a song for mama, etc etc. then comes Charlie Wilson with you are, without you, etc etc. lepas tu teringat ibu used to have an album full of the oldies love songs macam butterfly kisses by bob carlise. oh man i'm melting! XD

so, juvenile? nahh it's nothing. it's just a tittle to make this post sound so interesting. ngehh. well i've dreamt of being a juvenile once because of Juvana in TV3, but that's just ridiculous. seriously. pfft. oh well, back to business; homeworkssssss T_T"


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