Tuesday, May 29, 2012

in the mid.

i thought i was tough enough to handle the truth. but once i got home, anger and emo hit me.
i'm sorry. *sigh
terbakar hati; and now i don't know what to feel.
semuanya sama, sedih macam tu, gembira macam tu, marah pun macam tu. i'm not tending to get mad at everyone but it's just that everything you do annoys me. i can't control that....yet. let time heal the wound you've caused. and don't ask me why.
getting annoyed with the world today, getting annoyed to you, getting annoyed with all le homeworks and getting annoyed with that attitude of yours. drop it. and drop the act too. i ain't a fool to compute everything that's going on.

enough emo for the day.

it has been a while. many things happened. got injured and recovered, alhamdulillah. exam come and go. my birthday went just like that. hm, what else? dilemmas, heartaches, etc etc etc. oh and, i'm sick of the pass haunting me. what's pass is pass. we can never go back to what used to happen. that was then, this is now. focus. oh haa and i'm easily distracted lately. dang it. 
mid year? err lets hope there's no C in my results. A- is the least, seriously. i can't afford anymore disappointments. 

well i can't think straight no more. lets continue with our homework, shall we? chemistry, physics, biology, addmaths and pendidikan islam. nice one. 1 down, 4 to go. 

-Adi Shobri ^_~

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