Monday, March 12, 2012

keep calm and stay macho.

assalamualaikum! :D

it has been awhile. after 5 weeks and 4 days in a new environment, i'm glad i went through it without crying. booyah. i've never cried in tkc and i'm proud. wahaha~ :D

well, a new school means new friends, new teachers, new seniors, new juniors, new environment, new peers, new leaders.. new peoples lah senang cerita. sekarang dah upgrade sikit; ada dormmates and semua tu. lol. i admit, the first day was.......awkward as F. F squared if i must.

i don't know how to put it in words but, it was just too awkward and too scary that i almost cried. dayyum. but i didn't. yeay me :D day after day i began to get used to doing this and that though there were things i shouldn't have done. memalukan diri sendiri betullah -.-"

new cultures. culture dekat sana is waaaaay different. different in a good way ofcourse. in a way, i'm glad i finally have the chance to experience all this. syukur, Allah actually granted my wish to enroll TKC. alhamdulillah.

but in a way, i regret not excelling in my UPSR so that i could at least experience what my batchmates had been through when they were in form one. i really wanted to feel that spirit. all those hardships built up their batch spirit but then we came.. it must be hard as F to accept us. dahlah jadi newcomer, lepastu masuk as a senior, and yeah.. i know.


it's hard for both sides.

ok tutup kes. whatever it is, i enjoyed my first 5 weeks. i have awesome classmates, dormmates, batchmates, tablemates and segala mate that you people can think of. and lets hope that i can survive the rest of my high school here. conflicts.. biasa la tu. but yeah, kita semua manusia.. we make mistakes and we are all ego-maniacs. deal with it jelah kan.

oh yeah, being there is just.. different. kalau dekat rumah, by 2pm dah sampai rumah and dah mula menghadap laptop, makan, menggemuk and tidur. there? there's no such thing as tidur petang lah kan. breakfast at 6.55am, assembly at 7.20am, kelas at 7.30am, habis kelas 2pm, 3pm start prep till 4pm. but extend sampai 4.30pm. by 5pm training till 6pm. then rest kejap, by 6.55 dah dinner. 8pm dah prep. 11pm lights off. mananya waktu rehat? memanglah tak en.

it's a good thing actually.. having a tight schedule for a person like me. lol. aaaanyways, lepas OB ni.. result UPP1 keluar. matilah. entah apa aku dapat untuk BM. sekali keluar soalan dia bagi maksud peribahasa, tanya apa peribahasa tu. memang tak la kan -.-" i'm sorry, Pn Suzalin! :( lets just pray for ze best. keep calm and stay awesome. lol!

it's 4:30 and i wanna finish my addmaths. seeya!

-Adi Shobri


hrusli61 said...

Dear Aina.
It is nice to read on your wanterfull progress. New enviroment doesn't mean the world is changing actually we are the same so do the surrounding. Only then we are ini different time dan diffurent place.

Although they are the same, human must change toward improvement. Today must be better than yesterday and tomorrow must be better than today. This have to be continued.

Have a enjoyable life by staying around with good friends.

Perform pray dan doa always. May Allah SWT be your Best Protector.

Aina Shobri said...

thank you cikgu..
insyaAllah i'll try to adapt a lil bit more :)