Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a chat.

assalamualaikum peeps!

okay here it goes, nama mereka adalah AJ, Carlie & Jack. and 'aku' tu aku lah. ihi. renung-renungkan, jangan baca je. ambil iktibar. bukan nak megah tapi, aku bersyukur time tu aku dah 'sedar' sikit, so ada kemampuan untuk speak out macam tu. p/s: Carlie tu perempuan.

AJ: hey Aina, you're a muslim right?
aku: yeah. why?
AJ: you don't mind if we ask a few questions right?
aku: yeh sure. shoot.
Carlie: why do you wear this... hijab?
aku: it's something all muslim women and girls must do. well, imagine having two candies. one wrapped nice and clean. the other is unwrapped. both thrown on the ground. now which would you pick?
Carlie: the wrapped one of course.
aku: exactly. you see, us women and girls must wear hijab, loose shirt, socks and such because our body, our hair, even our feet is only for the sight of our mahram and our husband. mahram is someone who we cannot get married to.
Jack: oh so, you people cannot show your body, hair nor whatever to us, guys?
aku: exactly.
Jack: what if you do so?
aku: well, our sins will be written down by two angels on our shoulders, Raqib and Atid. Raqib writes our bad deeds while Atid writes our good deeds. so on the judgement day, we will be punished according to our bad deeds, unless we repent and promise to never do it again.
AJ: whoa hold up. you people actually believe in the judgement day? *gelak*
aku: of course. we have the pillars of faith in Islam. and the second last pillar is to believe in the judgement day. it has said in the Quran that ....
Jack: okay chill. haha no need for that.
aku: *senyum*
AJ: would you die for Islam or would you just save your life and carry on?
aku: you see, for us muslims.. Islam is our pulse. without it, we're dead. so I'd risk my life to defend it any day.
Carlie: what if a soldier points a gun at you and asks you to choose Islam or live?
aku: then I'd choose Islam.
AJ: even if the bullet is about to go through your brain?
aku: any day.
Jack: but why? even us christians wouldn't want to risk our lives for it. we only go to the church every Sunday and that's about it. singing, listening, thats all. heh?
Carlie: oh and don't forget 9/11, and those muslims that do drugs, free sex and such. what about them? do they risk their lives for Islam?
aku: *buntu dah sebenarnya* well first of all, i don't really want to talk about 9/11 seeming that i wasn't really there and i didn't do the homework. and about those kinds.. all they need is a push, and a little bit of help. they might be lost for now, but if Allah wills, they might be just like the rest of us. Islam has beauty in their own way.
AJ: like??
aku: look up. what do you see?
AJ: birds. the sky. clouds... what's your point?
aku: my point is, the beauty of the sky, the beauty of the birds, the beauty of the clouds.. even the beauty of human beings reflects the beauty of Islam because all these comes from Allah. the world doesn't appear on it's own.
Carlie: say what?
aku: nahh, just forget it.
Carlie: no, wait. if you say all of this comes from Allah.. then where is He?
aku: you see.. some things are better unseen. He's here. watching us. our every move, our every though, our every hunch, our everything. He sees everything though we don't see Him.
AJ: how could you believe in Islam when you can't even see your own God?
aku: faith. *terus blah sebab habis rehat*

well, kalau tak silap aku lebih kurang begitulah convo kami. tak ingat pulak kalau ada lagi yang lain.. tapi aku ingat ada bertiga ni. after that convo baru aku tahu yang AJ tu anak paderi dekat church dekat-dekat situ. ceh patutlah. well after that dia banyak bertanya pasal Islam. sekarang ni, wallahualam la dia jadi apa.. ehe.

and yes, post ni berbaur agama. so what? aku sayang agama aku. that's all for now. masa untuk kemas rumah. oh haa, siapa puasa harini?! :DD

-Aina Shobri


Cik Mai said...

wow~ beraninya!
Myself x reti speaking then... x berpeluang la nk chat mcm ni..lgpon, myself takut sembang2 dgn depa....takut x reti nk jwb soalan2 depa...hmm, btw, thumbs up!

Aina Shobri said...

bila dah tiap2 hari jumpak muka depa, jadi biasa.. takpa, kita asah grammar kita, habis spm, jelajah dunia.. insyaAllah ada peluang nk cakap macam ni. perasaan dia tu sgt priceless sbb kita berjaya tegakkan kebenaran & seolah-olah leave them speechless XD

Nur al-Iman said...


Way to go, sis! I like the way you explained it to them. I mean, I'd be baffled.

Menguji kesabaran sungguh reaksi mereka, haha. ;)

Aina Shobri said...

wassalam :") thanks sis!

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum, hi adik. This is Aina from twitter. @Nuxaina :) I love your explaination. I mean, I almost fall into tears. As a muslim, I am proud of you girl. Really am proud. I pray for your success in dunia and here after. x

Aina Shobri said...

wa'alaikumussalam. heheh semuanya ilham dari Allah jugak. thanks kak Aina! i'll pray for you too. :)