Tuesday, December 27, 2011


brother, i miss you so dearly much,
still can't forget the look on your face.
so pure.

never mind i know,
Allah has better plans for you and i..
i wish nothing but the best for you too,
don't forget me, i can't wait,
to meet you in Firdausi..

you know how the time flies,
only yesterday when i see your face,
you were so small and pure,
don't have a clue.

..sigh. i don't really know what i'm crapping right now. listening Someone Like You by Adele over and over really gave an impact to me somehow. many people came across my mind by listening to that song.

and the person who i really miss is Ayi. i'm the only one who calls him that, i don't mind. i don't care. Ayi seems so manja and i like it. I was one of the people that last saw him. my eyes were the witness of him being washed, shrouded and even prayed.

so many feelings going through and at this moment, i can't help but just to remember what happened. sad? of course. devastated? very. entah. i can't deny that i've once prayed that Allah would bring him back to life but reality hits me. there's a reason for everything that happens. he's waiting for ibu & ayah there.

there's the good part. well at least i can visit him every Wednesday during silat practice. though it's just two bricks and dirt. he's in there. his body is there though his soul is already in Firdausi, waiting for the time to come for ibu to hold him tight.


"Dialah yang menciptakan kamu dari tanah, sesudah itu ditentukan ajal (kematianmu), dan ada lagi suatu ajal yang ditentukan (untuk berbangkit) yang ada pada di sisiNya (yang Dia sendirilah yang mengetahuinya), kemudian kamu masih ragu-ragu (tentang berbangkit itu)."
Surah Al-An'am, 2.

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