Tuesday, December 13, 2011

..and life goes on

assalamualaikum peeps!

please excuse me for my lack of update lately. i've typed two posts but it doesn't seem right. so i decided to hold those posts for a while. they are about Aurah & Death. interesting? no? okay ;\ so.. this post is basically about me. my life so far.. what i'm feeling, what i'm going through.. and so on.

as i was going through my baby's memory card album and i found this:

this picture was taken at Bangi Seksyen 9? i can't remember. but it's at Kak Sarah's new house and it is on the 10th of November, Angah's birthday. Umar is just so adorable. i purposely choose this picture because it's so cute! hehe. a candid picture is always the most awesome.

talking bout Angah's birthday, i remembered an incident where Danial, Angah, Atok, Wan and I were about to head to Bangi on the 10th, and i purposely put her birthday present on the driver's seat. i decided to buy her an english novel that she, kakak and i used to love to read. so anyways, by the time she went to the car, the present is already there. so i thought, that maybe could ease her anger as she was a bit angry at the time.

but when she came back into the house, she was still in her angry mood. i was like.. whaa? she didn't like it or whut? so when we were about to get into the car, i asked, "hang dapat ka tak hadiah tu?" eagerly. guess what she answered? "oh tu aku punya eh?". pfft. i didn't know how to react, so Danial and i just laughed. i'm wide aware of her clumsiness, so letting it be is the best way to react. lol K.

so currently, i'm reading Gen Q magazine and a simple novel entitled Tariq: Penakluk Andalusia by Abdul Latif Talib. he's also the one who wrote the books about Perang Khandaq, Perang-Perang yang Benar (Perang Uhud, Perang Badar, Perang Khandaq, Perang Khaibar), Khalid Al-Walid, Ikhramah, Salhudin Ayubi, and many more. ok back to the point.

for me, it's a must read novel/book, especially for Muslims. well, we need to know our history. i suggest you guys go to Popular, MPH or even Boarders to find his books. as for Gen Q, it's pretty hard to find it cuz it's a new magazine, 'Awas, Gajet Maksiat!' is the 4th issue. i do recommend all teenagers to go and buy this magazine thou. it's only RM10 and it's worth alot more than that :)

guys, ever heard of the name Sungha Jung? well, he's an extremely talented 15 year old professional guitarist. he's known for his acoustic finger-style playing. and it's soooo awesome. so lately, my mood is kinda off so i tend to be a lil bit paranoid and emo. excuse me for that.

but listening to his cover of Lonely by 2NE1 makes me get more emo. and i'm dead serious. i miss everything that used to happen before the little kid shows up and ruin everything. he ruined one's life and it affects others including me.

and guess what? i'm not the only one who felt that. so now.. it's all different and i wish things would turn out like i hope for; like we used to be. if only i could close my eyes and count to three, it'll be back to normal. back to where we used to be. where we used to stand together. where making jokes is fun and where you actually let me to take care of you.

but truthfully, the new you.. is just too different. different is alright. it's good. hijrah from an attitude to another. but this is just too much hijrah. maybe it's just me but, i just miss your not mature attitude. the you that laughs at my stupid jokes thou it ain't funny. the you that doesn't care if i talk to much or whatever. and most importantly, i miss the old us.

and yes, i posted the link to you because i wanted to dedicate the song to you. you, yes you. you know who you are. no need for me to explain who.

p/s: PMR results is in 9 days, peeps! :O

-Aina Shobri