Saturday, May 14, 2011

stressing out on a science paper that i haven't sit for, and now i'm brain jammed..


yeah, i've broken my promise. yeay me ==" no, thats not a sincere laugh. like obviouslyy. well, i don't know why but i feel like i just can't ace my science paper 2. yeah, i haven't sit for the exam yet. but still, this PPT aura is killing me inside. like seriously. i can't help but just to look over the past year papers and try to answer them whereas i can't even answer almost half of the paper.

that is the main reason for me to freak out. oh how i hate science. but i love Biology and Chemistry. seeing my sisters studied for Biology and Chemistry over the years, it made me realise that it's kinda cool to be learning something such as these. but yeah, i can't help the fact that i suck in science. now those UPSR memories are coming back. pfft =="

well, it's 8.19AM in the morning and i've just finished form one chapters of science. hopefully it'd bring some good to myself. i haven't showered and i have extra class at 8.30, ain't that dope? yeah reaaaally dope. ahh i don't care. i wanna finish my post. kah3, i'll be dead by i get to school.

well, yesterday before the Pendidikan Islam's paper, cikgu Sabarina called out on me and asked if there's a silat team in the evening session. here goes the conversation:

ckgu: sesi petang ada budak silat tak?
me: ada, 2,3 of them. awat?
ckgu: jumaat depan, intel mintak hantar budak pergi buat performance.
me: event apa?
ckgu: cikgu pun taktau. tapi segan nak amik yang pagi, hmpa exam.
me: ala paper last pun paper geo.. 9.30 dah habis..
ckgu: berat hati la, satgi hmpa focus hat ni ja.
me: ishh tak tak ;p
ckgu: okay then. see me before you go home.

so yeah. i guess, i'm booked for next Friday. my plan to start the recording for the multimedia show is postponed. well, it depends actually. if we finish early, i'll have time to come back to sch and record the evening session's act first. lets just go with the flow. i don't wanna think about this too much. i have enough burden on my shoulders.

well, besides the exam and the demo, guess what? theres a silat competition in June. and i'm like.. oh man. fml ==" the year that we prepare so eagerly for the competition, theres none. but when we're so busy and booked up, theres that competition. it all depends on the date and on my PPT result. if it's okay with my dad, i'm joining the Tari Puteri (solo) act. but if it's a no-no, then goodbye silat competition 2011 for me.

okay i'm done. till the next post. oh yeah, you guys can look up for the bahas pictures in my facebook album. i'm too lazy busy to upload them. hehe. okay, enough. time to shower and go to sch. goodbye and wish me luck. hopefully my failure days will be over ;)



mr.hensem said...

oh my gucci! I still remember my pmr angka giliran. KF016K007

Aina Shobri said...

aha okayyyy. and you are?

mr.hensem said...

mr.hensem=mr.bzbodee.. Haha!

Aina Shobri said...

err ok. apa2ja.