Friday, May 20, 2011

mid year's over but pmr is just around the corner. i don't want to pass by that corner. please.

assalamualaikum wrt, how's everyone doing?

muehehehe mid year's over and i'm so relieved. though i'm not that confident about my science and khb paper. well, what's done is done. 8A's, insyaAllah. well now.. i'm in such a huge dilemma which i'll be elaborating about in my next post.

ok that'll be it. esok ada kelas tambahan, pasti lulus. nama kemain je lagi, kehadiran? hampeh la ==" ok thats enough. sakan je aku harini. pergi sekolah, balik sekolah, tidur sampai pkul 6, pergi pasar malam, online sampai pukul 11. terbaik. ok g'bye.

p/s: g'luck and have a good life in UTP my dear, angah. sorry i couldn't be there with you guys. exam punya pasal. but yeah, cuti sem nanti kami pi lawat la. no worries and have fun.


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