Saturday, April 30, 2011

someone gave me this piece of advice :)

Always remember that there is no goal you cant't achieve, if you try your best. But, above all else, believe..Believe that you're a special person who has something good to give. Believe that you have the innate ability to become all you're capable of becoming. Believe that your talents and skills are needed, and that you can make a difference in this bahas compt AND pmr.. Believe that you're as strong as you allow yourself to be and surely there's nothing you cannot do!..



hrusli61 said...

It's true goal must be set than it is achiveble. Special person will preformed special things. Special thing must not be big to a special person you know.

You are always be special to us, believe it. (include mum & dad)

Aina Shobri said...

thanks, cikgu :)
i'll do my best both in my exams and in this compt (Y)

Natasha said...

cieh..ingat ke pasal PMR ..tgk2..bahas compt...-.-'

Aina Shobri said...

both pmr and bahas, they're important to me.