Tuesday, April 26, 2011

randomly posting. i'm freaking out. like.. seriously ~_~


i'm really not a big fan of being heartbroken. so please, don't break my heart as if it's a toy of yours. and yes, i appreciate your effort of making up to what you've done. better friends than nothing. friends do last forever. rather than being in a r/ship which you can't guarantee whether it's gonna work or not. for now, i'm gonna work my ass of for Bahas and for PMR and i'm making sure that i'm gonna be a TKC student next year. that's my promise.

PPT's coming and it's not friendly at all. it's killing me alive. so, i wanna survive that war instead of flunking it again like the rest of the wars throughout these 3 years of high school. it ain't easy. especially with me spending more time on Bahas rather than revising form one and form two topics.

goodluck pmr candy's! my prayers is with you guys. do well. i'll be back this weekend.

p/s: i'm freaking out for the tournament next week. oh my. tmrw's the friendly with sixers~ hoping for the best.

Aina Shobri


hrusli61 said...

As as silat practiser Cikgu hope you have strong internal strenght. Strenght came from solat and wirik rememberance to God always.

All the best for you Ms Aina.

Aina Shobri said...

thank you, cikgu (Y)