Wednesday, March 9, 2011

oh finally!

assalamualaikum wrt everyone :)

ahaa, i'm back! exam's over la weh. i've done my best (yeke?rasanya tak :P) and i'm not hoping for a great result, just not terrible. haha. 2 weeks without blogging. haha, i feel like telling everything that is inside my freakin heart but idk to whom should i speak. oh yeah, hari jumaat lepas dapat dah angka giliran untuk pmr. and guess what? hahahahaha aku calon pertama. gila! PB005K001. kakak2 aku pun paling kurang nombor 3, nombor 5. masa upsr pon nombor 2. nih firssssst sekali. terasa pressure kot :P

okay enuf babling. exam was.. kinda fun. haha idk why i didn't really freak out. i think it's cause i didn't study enough. yeah, it's March and i'm still fooling around. bad Aina.. haha. i wanna change my studying style.

- bm was horrible, the tatabahasa questions were.. horrific!
- english was fine i guess, aiming an A.
- maths was.. haha awesome! didn't expect there'd be questions from my exercise book.
- science was a so-so.
- PAI was.. hahahahahaha.
- geo was oookay la -.-"
- sejarah was kinda bad.
- kh was exciting but devastating.

hmm, aiming for atleast 5A's. enough bout exams. hmm, i wanna talk a little bit about an incident in class just now. huh. irritating -.-"

we were supposed to plan for a class t-shirt. so i decided to be in charge of the thing cause i've never let my class down (yet) hehe. besides, remember the button badge i ordered? didn't let you guys down right? so this time, i made 3 designs.

the first is so simple and i think it'd make one hella great t-shirt. it's black in color and it has white writings "I *heart* 3 AMANAH" and there'd be our own name at the bottom, rightside of the shirt. simple ae? this one's RM24 minus the RM2 from class fund, they'd only pay RM22.

the second one is so different than the first design. it has the school's logo and has 3A and '11 in front together with our own names. and at the back, there'd be a quote "A Year To Remember". but it'd cost much more cause it'll be long-sleeved and with collar. now this one is RM28, minus RM2 from the class fund, they'd be paying RM26.

the third one has a slight change from the second design, the front design only has the school's logo with 3A and '11. but at the backside, there'd be all of their names. and the price is the same, RM26.

so i proposed about this to them during Sivik class today. (we finished our papers at 10.55, so we had 2 hours left) my opinion is, the first design is the best cause it's simple and RM22 is worth the shirt. well of course, that is just my opinion. there were adjuctions and comments. they were just screamin and trynna give their thoughts.

i didn't mind cause i asked for comments. but then again, when i ask who wanted the first, second and third design, they started to sigh. my temper was rising as they are saying that they don't want this, they don't want that, blah blah blah. then the boys started to question me about the first design.

"wouldn't it be girlish for us guys to wear shirts saying I heart 3 AMANAH? it's so stupid, besides, we're gonna wear it occasionally. i ain't wearing a shirt like that in public!" ohh man that hit my temper button. i couldn't be patient any longer so i decided to just shut up and let them be.

guys, come on la. we're a society. when you guys put me in charge of the shirt, imma do my best to get good quality for the shirt and good prices for them. but when i asked for designs, nobody hand in their ideas. so i decided to make my own. but when i ask for money, you guys wanna see the design first. so i show you the design. but then you guys declined and said you don't want such shirt. WTH!

if you guys don't want that design, give me your design! we'll consider due to the price. but then again, ahuh. as i've expected, no one tried to give their design. so imma go with my first design. suka tak suka, belakang cerita. we are a society and we move as a society. caphice? if you guys put me as the head of this plan, i'll act like one and if anyone denies, please confront me with your idea. i'll tolerate if you guys cooperate.

*amik contoh jelah, tengok plan lawatan jadah tu.jadi ka?mintak RM15 sebulan dah merungut, ada hati nak pi jauh2. pirrah!*

okay dah puas lepas geram. teehee. okay nak siap, nak solat, nak makan. kelab kembara menuju ke taman metropolitan, relau. buat apa kat sana, aku taktau. hahahaha :P

Aina Shobri
Hidup Mulia Mati Syahid!


Nad SSP said...

waa hebad la nad! calon first! chaiyok2! gambate ne, aina nad! hee. aina nad sini pon baru abes exam, jgn lupe date mase cuti! weee.

Aina Shobri said...

haha thanks! insyaAllah. sama2 dapat 8A tau! UB1 ni dah hancus dah xD