Tuesday, March 15, 2011

clearing my mind, cherishing my soul into a more challenging phase.


this'll be a short one. this thursday is my parents' 21st anniversary! so, we're gonna throw a big surprise for 'em. just wait :) sooo yeah, lately i'm feelin all moody and stuff, but idk why i'm feelin so exactly. the song i keep on replaying all over again is Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars. it's like, the lyrics are the exact same thing as what i'm feelin right now. but the thing that keeps me thinking is.. who am i talking to, over the moon?

talking to the moon, tryna get to you,
in hopes you're on the other side, talking to me too!
or i'm a fool, who sits alone..
talking to the moon..

huh, especially the chorus right here. i feel like i'm missing someone, but i don't know who -.-" i feel something weird for the past few days. haih! stop it, Aina! don't let your parents down. you're taking pmr this year, so.. back to reality here.

only today i realize how much i need to focus to succeed. silly me >_<>

oh yeah, something happened just now. when i was washing my mum's car (need extra money! :P RM5 per car and RM3 per motorcycle. haha) my dad came out and started to smoke (like usual lah) so he approached me. so i made conversation.

me ; ayah, nak bawak motor boleh?
ayah ; -silence-
me ; ala, boleh la boleh la boleh laaaaaa :(
ayah ; tak boleh, aina bawak laju. takut. lagipun, satgi angah marah kalau ayah bagi aina bawak motor..
me ; hahahaha bek pi kat dia la. lagipun sekarang dia mana nak bawak motor dah.. hehe :D
ayah ; hmm, tengok lah. cukup umur, amik lesen.
me ; tahun depan la tu! :DDDDD
ayah ; result maintain!
me ; iya, iya.. hehe, ayah pi la amik motor dkt intel cepatcepat. tak sabaq nih.
ayah ; nantilah. hei, bukan nak masuk asrama? kalau amik lesen tahun depan rugi la ayah..
me ; eh2, mana rugi, aina sekolah dekat ja, johor bharu ja.. hahahaha.. balik asrama boleh naik motor, ye dak ayah? hehe.
ayah ; ha banyaklah. lepas sekolah nanti? u?
me ; hehe, aina pi UM ja, lain la kakak, mana boleh bawak keta balik mesir.. hehe..
ayah ; pandai bidas orang.. dah2, basuh keta..
me ; eh ayah, ayah.. mid year ni, ayah bai 550D, trial.. emm, taktau g.. pmr sebenar, bagi motor la ye? kih kih kih :D
ayah ; -laughs-

hehe, as my dad says, i'm good at these things. so insyaAllah, imma get my motorcycle license next year! kih3. okay, imma go off now. maghrib prayers and going to queensbay :)


Aina Shobri.

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