Sunday, February 27, 2011

so many things going on.


there's so many things going on and i can barely breathe. my back and my heart aches like hell. my back is kinda stingy and my heart .... -.-"

i'll be updating my blog after the competition, perhaps before the exam or even after the exam. depending on my busyness. haha, but my guess is, i'll be hella busy and i'll be updating my blog after the exam, the evening of 9th March.

hmm, everything's a little chaotic now. with my public speaking competition coming up this Tuesday, 1st March and my first monthly test on the 7th March till the 9th. i'm hoping for the best cuz i'm studyin my ass of.

oh myy. this year, my focus is on examinations. monthly test, mid-year examination, pmr trials, and pmr~ that isn't so long. 219 days left. thats like... uhh a short period of time. wherever i go, pmr is the number one thing i think about. i doubt if i ever can beat the number one in my batch's ranking. lets hope for the best.

oh yeah, the original schedule for this test was on the 28th till the 3rd. but then again, there's competitions held on those dates. on the 1st, my public speaking. on the 2nd, forum remaja. on the 3rd, choral speaking. hm. March and April is well known as the competition month. haha. last year it was April. this year it's March. a good thing for me cuz i can focus on my studies much more.

when i think about my studies, i think about pmr. when i think about pmr, i'll think about my soon-to-be results. when i think about my results, i'll be thinking about 2012; will i ever be good enough to be accepted to any SBP or MRSM? haiya. my studies are all over the place.

haiya. anyways, skrg aku dah ada pembakar semangat. weee :D haha. hopefully this one sticks and would be making me happy throughout this year. insyaAllah ;3 goodluck for your UP1, dudee. i'll be praying for ya. haha.

you know that i'll never doubt ya,
and you know that i think abt ya

also kpd semua yang akn amik test this week and next week, goodluck! baru 2 bulan sekolah takkan takboleh score A kan? wuuu :3 wish me luck, guys. i'll be away from my blog & facebook for awhile.

have a good evening, guys.

p/s: i'll be missin you :3

Aina Shobri


Anonymous said...

aiiiii sapa la tuee??knt0i r, aina cple!!

Serikandi Islam said...

haha..somebody found mr prince charming.


anyway,gudluck 4 ur pmr.reading ur blog [a.k.a reading YOU]cause i can kinda know u from ur blog;,i can see tht u're the type of person who cares a lot about ur future.well,a bit too anxious sometime.

totally the opposite of me i guess. but hey,gudluck and enjoy wht u do best. i mean,ENJOY.u're thinking about it too much. take it easy. study smart.not hard[easier said than done,huh]

anyway,i know u can do it.InsyaAllah straight A's will be yours.just keep working n praying.[n this comes from someone who could only manage 7as in her pmr]

Aina Shobri said...

anon - heyy mana ada couple ok! suka ja. hahaha :3
kak eichan - haha prince charming? xDD no comment bout thatt.

thank you thank you :3 i'll do my best and i'll try not to freak out too often.