Wednesday, January 19, 2011

short posto !

salam alaik, everyone!

whoa it's been awhile since i've last updated. just updating cuz i miss my blog so much! haha it's looking so hideous! sorry love, i'm so busy with everything.

aha, school's just plain awesome. but at the same time, freakin tiring. yeahh it's cuz i can't cope with morning session yet. i know i can cope with em soon. soon enough. we'll see. we got a new student yesterday. her name's Amanda Zulkarnain. freakin cute! and now we're hangin out like best buds and all. i even got a nickname for her. lol. i'll talk about her more later.

just wanna type about my life in 2011 so far. it's really been a rollercoster. ups and downs everyday. mann it's really testing my nerves. juniors, seniors, friends, the heart, myself and everything! including silat and my studies. so far my studies are fine and nothing is affected (yet) aha. i hope nothin goes wrong this year.

oh and by the way, PMR is in 258 days. OH MAN!

i freak out everytime my mum and dad stress me about that freakin exam and about my dreams of goin to MARA Junior Science College next year. we debated on which should i choose to apply later on this year, and i had to give up on the Residential School and continue with applying MJSC ONLYYYY -.-" sorry Kiddo. i mean, my chances on going both schools are 50-50. my results effects everything. nough story bout that! case closed.

har har. you know what i want to do right this moment? punch something. i just feel like punching stuffs. it's fun and it makes me feel better. i'd rather work out than talking to someone when i'm stressed out. maybe it's a bit diff than any ordinary teenage girl would do (which is perhaps eating or even shopping) but hey, that's just me! weeee :D

another thing here before i end my post tonight, i'm currently frustrated at myself for no reason -.-" my dreams are like POSSIBLE but when my dad gets involved, it totally changes to IMPOSSIBLE. it's not that i don't like it when my dad gets involved, it's just that.. at times i feel that he doesn't support my passion about it. it's not like it's an every-day thing for me to get the opportunity to play for Penang.

..and now my dreams are crushed and my heart broke into pieces when i found out that my mum knew it way before i even have the guts to tell em. i just want to get involve with those kind of things. i love those kind of things. i can balance my schedule well now. though my first and second week was horrible and i had some major issues on getting up on my own and having shower at 6.15 AM, but now i'm getting used to it little by little. i'm trying!

i hope he changes his mind (though i'm not sure whether he knows it or not yet, but i know my mum does..). please, dad. please, mum. i need your support on this. i'd sacrifice my time for that and for my studies as well. i never said that i'd bail out on tuition or anything. they're still on! but at the same time i still wanna pursue my dreams on becoming one of the athletes representing Penang. i really do :">

okay, i've babbled enough. thanks for reading. hahahaha (:

PMR Candidate 2011,
Hidup Mulia Mati Syahid,
Aina Shobri

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