Sunday, December 5, 2010

luahan hati. akhirnya.

salam alaik, everyone.

today was exhausting. hell yeah it was. but it was worth it. i'll tell all abt it later, kayh? i'm in no mood of story telling of how my day went. it was fine but i'm just tired. i hv no mood of typing today's event. i just wanna type of how i feel right this very second. it's something that i've kept for quite sometime now. 3 years, perhaps. bodoh kan? well, that's just me.

have you ever had that feeling where you really care abt someone, and then that someone chooses someone else over you to tell her/his problems. and when he/she doesn't hv anyone to talk to, he/she goes to you. it's as if you're just someone to talk to when he/she is bored. wth =.=' well, hv you? lemme tell ya. well i have. i always do. stop hurting me. please.


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