Tuesday, November 30, 2010

short post :)

salam alaik, everyone :)

well, as you can see.. there's no changes in my blog layout. two reasons actually; a) i'm busy with my stupid schedule. b) my father gives me a lecture everytime i touch or even have intentions to touch the laptop. heh. for those who don't know my family, don't say anything. actually there is one person who doesn't know anything bout my family and tries to judge my family. i have four words for ya; YOU SUCK LIKE FISH! -quote Alya Nabilah :)

don't bother judging my family. you don't know my father, my mum, my sisters, my brother nor i, myself. you don't know how irritating my father can be when it comes to our studies. he concentrates on our (my siblings and i) results and our performance. you don't know how protective/control my mum can be when it comes to our pride and dignity as 'anak dara'. you don't know how caring my sisters are. you don't know how nosy and annoying my brother is. you know nothing abt my family. so, care to shut up? thank you :)

okayy, enough about haters. i dont want to ruin my mood, thus ruining your (readers) mood as well. lets keep the mood alive (ape bende aku tulis ni?) as the title says, short post. so this entry won't be as long as the posts before. lately, there's things going thru my mind. PMR next year -.-', the camp next week, aidi, life, family, friends, my studies, my teachers, everything !

actually, the main thing is.. which school i'm going to after PMR. yes, i have targets. when i was in form one, i used to have dreams of going to Sekolah Seri Puteri in Cyberjaya. Then i wanted to go to Tunku Kurshiah College. oh wow, how big is my dream? yess, huge. when i stepped in form two, my targets changed. i started to get along with MRSM students and my buddies from MRSM Balik Pulau. their way of studying are wayy different than SBP students do. their way of dressing are different as well. their campus are way on the other side of town; offback (kawasan pedalaman)

now, my head is spinning of which school should i choose. i wanna choose before next year so my goals are clear. so that i wont bother thinking when i wanna apply next year. SBP. MRSM. SBP. MRSM. SBP. MRSM. if I choose SBP, my first choice would be SM Sains Kepala Batas, second would be Sekolah Seri Puteri and third would be Tunku Kurshiah College. MRSM on the other hand, it'll be MRSM Kepala Batas. puih, which should i choose? looks like i'm still thinking about this for the rest of the year. i have another 32 days before 2010 ends and 6 days before 1431 Masihi ends. insyaAllah, if God wills.

i guess that's all. after all, it is called a short post right? but yeah, i still have something to type about the person that hates my guts. everytime i think abt that person, my heart beats faster because of my anger. my temper becomes thinner and thinner every second. my mood is ruined because the thoughts of her. well, look at the bright side; the person hates me because i have what she doesn't, imma teacher's pet (heyy, what can i say :P), because one guy that she kononnya 'like' doesn't even bother to read her love letter. OPSS! hate my guts? go ahead. wanna act all nicey-nice and all hypocrite and stuff? aha, go ahead dude. i don't care. you can't even lie to me. give all the reasons you want. i don't and i won't buy it.

there's no UNLESS in the dictionary between you and i. you leave me no choice. but then again, who am i? the Prophet can forgive his people, why can't I. i'm just an ordinary person. i'll pray for Allah to open your heart one day. stop all this, it's getting irritating and annoying day by day. yes, you've made me angry and maybe i can swear and curse you all i want, but at the end, i'll just forgive and forget. that's my motto. don't worry, i'm not that evil. teehee :)

oh yeah! i just noticed that this entry is not mixed language. congratulations, Aina. you've done it :)

-Aina Shobri

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